Terms and Conditions

X-Iota-Development's Catholic Kids4Kids Art & Writing Contest (Hereinafter "Contest")

No Purchase Necessary

No purchase is necessary to participate in the contest. All submissions are digital, so only those with access to a computer, phone and/or scanner will be able to submit works, but this should be doable at a library for those who do not have access in the home. Special accommodations may be made for those who contact us via the Contact form, provided the accommodations are reasonable and the company is able to assist. Whether to offer a requested accommodation is at the sole discretion of the company and no higher recourse will be offered.

Contest Description

The contest is designed to gather submissions according to a contest theme (provided on the submission form). Entrants submit original writings and artwork related to one or more of the theme categories in order to win entry into a book published at the end of the contest curation and editing periods (the end date is listed and the editing period can be up to or exceeding 90 days). 10 winners of the contest will receive a free copy of the book and will be notified via the email that they provided at the time of submission that they won a copy. Shipment of the free book will rely on communication back from the submitting party and will rely on a valid entry (see valid entries section below). Winners will be selected from each age group and each submission type (writing and art), provided enough submissions are received to make a determination. Two editor choice submissions will be chosen as well for a total of 10 grand prizes. All runner-ups (anyone published in the book and not deemed a winner) will receive a 10% (40% max per family) off digital coupon for purchase of the book or any materials related to the contest.

Valid Entries (Eligibility)

Only people who submit an original writing or artwork and are under the age of 19 at the time of submission will be deemed eligible. To be considered valid, an entry must contain no plagiarism and no copyrighted material. Entries that use quotations should have their sources cited. Maximum length of writing submissions is 1,000 words. Maximum file size of artwork is 5MB. Files must be submitted in the proper file formats (pdf, doc, docx, odt, jpg, or png). All entries from people aged 12 and under at the time of submission must be accompanied by a signed Parental Release Form. Any submission from someone under 13 years old that does not include a signed form will not be reviewed and will be removed from the database within 30 days of submission. For the purposes of the grand prize (free book), only entries from the United States will be considered valid. This is a small company with no ability to ship internationally at this time. Valid entries submitted that request anonymity are not eligible for grand prizes.


Grand Prize: The grand prize is awarded to 10 individuals, provided enough submissions in each bracket are received. A grand prize recipient may opt to donate their copy of the book to a runner-up, selected by the publisher. No other exchanges for cash or credit will be offered. Shipping is limited to the United States.
Runner-Up Prizes: The runner-ups will all receive a digital coupon for 10% (40% max per family) off of contest-related materials including the book. This is also contingent on enough submissions to make the book. This is not exchangeable or transferrable.

How To Enter

All entries should be submitted to our Contest page. For any other accommodations, please see the top of this page.

Winner Selection

All submissions are evaluated by the judges and must meet the following criteria to be considered:

  1. Nothing contradicting Catholic Dogma or doctrine (as defined in documents and teachings prior to 1962).
  2. Have a clear connection to the theme (as determined by the judges).
  3. Originality - no plagiarism.
  4. Creativity (as determined by the judges).
The judges will weigh all valid and eligible submissions according to the criteria above and determine which, in the collective opinion of the judges, will be deemed winners and runners-up. No appeals will be granted. The book and final publication decisions are at the sole discretion of X-Iota Development.

Winner Notification

All submissions require an email address. If someone submits an entry with a fake or invalid email address, they will have no way of claiming their prize. The only information we collect in relation to the contest, in order to safeguard your privacy and information, is name, age, and email. Age determines elibility, name establishes who we cite in the book as having provided the writing/artwork, and email address is the only way we have to communicate with you. Upon the closing of the curation and editing period, all winners will be notified of their prize via the email that they provided. They will then have 30 days to claim their prize by responding with their contact information and address (for shipping only - never stored on our website). Runners-up will also be notified via email and will have 90 days to use their digital coupon before it expires. The expiration date will be re-iterated on the coupon email.


We value your privacy. We require only enough information to actually run the contest. A parent name (for kids under 13), child name, age, email address, and the actual submission, are all that we ask you to submit. We take your privacy seriously and will never sell to third parties any information obtained in relation to this contest. We will use names of participants in the publication of the book, to give proper credit to the writers/artists. Anyone who wishes to remain anonymous should check that option on the form. Checking the anonymous submission on the form still will require a fully filled out form, but the name would not be published. This also makes the submission ineligible for a prize. In the case of an anonymous submission, an age and state may still be used. Any information obtained that is not in accordance with COPPA will be deleted as soon as the webmaster is made aware of the material and has a reasonable amount of time to purge records.

Limitation of Liability

X-Iota-Development shall not be liable should a contest not garner enough attention or submissions to make publication possible and/or viable. X-Iota-Development will post an announcment on the website should a contest not go forward as planned and that will be the only action in that event. All publication is solely at the discretion of X-Iota-Development. Furthermore, if anyone submits a plagiarized work and it escapes the notice of the publishers and judges, and it causes the company to be sued for damages, the company reserves the right to file suit against the offending party to recover damages. Any/all disputes will be subject to the jurisdiction of Atlanta, GA.

Social Media

We do not have/use social media. The marketing will take place on Etsy and in some regional Catholic Church bulletins. Any entity that has an official relationship with X-Iota-Development shall have no liability for this contest, the prizes, the contents, or any derivative works.

Winner List

Winners will all be included by name (unless they chose to remain anonymous) in the book. A copy will also be available on a contest page after the book is published.