Catholic Kids4Kids Submissions

To submit to the Litany of Loreto Series, create an account and then select the categories that you would like to contribute to.
Our Catholic Kids4Kids Portal is open to school-age children. Each theme consists of five categories: a Marian title, a specific virtue, and three saints. Catholic kids are invited to submit essays/stories,

Mary, Mother of the Church

Ezekiel, the prophet

St. Peter, First Pope

Blessed Emperor Constantine

The Virtue of Humility


ART & WRITING: You may submit your art and/or writings (up to 1,000 words) about any of the categories. See FAQs for more details. While the User Portal is under development, please use the "Comments" section of the form to tell us which Theme Element your submission is for (example: Virgin Mary - Mother of the Church).

At this time we cannot accept bulk uploads. We will be introducing a login portal soon to manage multiple submissions for the same household as well as multiple submissions per person. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.

Note: All form fields are still required.

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